Thursday, 10 September 2015

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Final Child In Need Review - DONE

It's been a long time since I felt brave enough to update my blog here, but it is certainly time I did.

I attended a Child In Need conference on Friday, where we review how access has been going, if there have been any issues etc. Generally I was happy to report that Freya's mom has been trying hard to put lots of effort into seeing Freya. There have been a few minor issues where she was unable to have her for the day, due to things like a 1 hour interview, or a 30 minute boiler inspection, I think due to where she lives, she finds it easier to cancel a whole day visit rather than try to coordinate people picking Freya up and dropping her off etc.

Anyway, the biggy was that Social Services intend to close Freya's case, which they can only do if I get custody of her. Not long now till we find out about that either, as our case goes to final hearing on Thurs 21st April.

Freya's mom seems resigned to me getting custody, however, I have no such confidence until the day I see it in writing!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Courting..... again... (should have been posted on or before 17th Dec!!)

Sure is that time again, court hearing number 2 is this Friday 17th December.... Nervous? I am, very!

I have spent the last few days finalising my statement for the judge, and I presume Freya's mom will be doing exactly the same with her legal representatives.

This week I shall be represented by my solicitor, I have a feeling the court hearing will be fast paced and that if, as expected, Freya's mom continues to dispute my right to custody, or my paternity (which sadly she has questioned before), we will be sent away by the judge to provide indisputable evidence that I am indeed biological father, and also to get references from the services that have been involved in our lives this year, childrens services (aka social services) mental health teams, maybe the police, ambulance service and of course the midwife and health visitor team, all of whom have witness my ex partners inability to maintain normal and stable life patterns for many months at a time.

And again, lol, this should have been posted already, so I am in the process of dealing with the outcomes from that last court hearing, which took place on 17th Dec.

Great news for Freya's mom, who is now able to see her once again for several hours, they see each other 4-730 on Monday , Wednesday and Friday and in the morning 930-1300 on a Saturday. This is only until the court cases are cleared, currently Freya is living with me still, and I am not sure if we will be going for shared custody, full time residency or if there maybe a chance that Freya's mother may actually be able to take a leading role, and have her live with her for longer periods of time.  No point putting Freya in a situation where she will be let down again, so I am hoping the courts decide to let me help by keeping hold of Freya every evening!

Unfortunately I will not be able to post my statements until after the court cases, as I don't want to offer anyone any chances to have the case scuppered!!  So hang in there for some superb reading!!

First coughee cough cough... (should have posted last week!)

Oh My Lord.....

Freya seems to think it is acceptable to wake your father, at 3am, then scream at him until he finds and effective way to remove boogers, snottery and general baby sniffles.... All from a baby who knows not how to blow her nose!

I have taken her to the doctors, (precautions at the moment, any thing that happens I take her just to keep myself covered somewhat for my litigation process!) and apparently lots of children have a form of croup at the moment. And in order to reduce this somewhat, I am to take her in a steamy room every so often to help clear her throat, nose and chest.  So I will be off to the sauna tonight, come on Freya, grab your towel, bannatynes here we come!!!

Ands as this post was not posted when it should have been, I can now report that Freya is a happy little bean once again! Cough free and in singing spirit once more!!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Statement Time...

Firstly, please may I apologize for not making many comments on my blog for the past few days.  I have been very busy with my legal team reviewing the statement I have put together for the court. It lays out clearly why I intend to request residence of Freya, it is quite detailed and contains lots of details, some of which I felt maybe a bit confidential to share on here.

I will post the entire statement once it has been read in court next Friday, once that has been done, it is in the public domain!

In the mean time, Freya is continuing to entertain and be loved by her brother and sisters.. We are all lucky to have each other in our lives.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Good News from Mom

Great news... Freya's mom was able to see her on Wednesday, the first time in over a week. It is a small step, a three hour supervised visit, but it is a step forward. It is a great shame that she suffers with awful crises throughout her life, but I am determined that little Freya grows up with an awareness of who her mom is, and that she knows of the positive and wonderful side of her mom which could, without care be lost among the blur of her life.

Freya's mom has requested that she resumes and continues to see her twice a week for a few hours at a time until February when there is a pre-arranged social services review of our arrangement. By which time I hope my legal process will have secured and agreed her mothers access and my residence of Freya , which would mean social services could cease their involvement with the family, as I would have authority and care legally.

We have a little way to go, and probably a few thousand pounds of legal bills to come too. But for the time being, Freya is settled for the holiday period and we can enjoy a peaceful family time.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Countdown to 1600 hours..

I have a time in my head, 1600 hours....

 This is when Freya should be collected from her Granny and taken to see her mom......

We will know any minute now...